Project Z: New Dragon Ball Video Game Project Z: New Dragon Ball Video Game

PROJECT Z, new Dragon Ball Z game announced!

Bandai Namco has teased the world with a new project named Project Z, this project is a new Dragon Ball game develop by the CyberConnect 2 team, the same team who did the Naruto ultimate ninja storm games. Project Z is scheduled for release in 2019!

The game tells the tale of Goku “Like never seen before” according to Bandai Namco. So far there’s no confirmation about what route of events will the game take, but from footage of Frieza appearing and Kirllin dyeing it will reach at least the end of Namek Saga. The trailer also shows Goku fighting Piccolo, with the fans assumed that the game could start with the advent of Kakarot’s brother: Raditz

The fans also speculate about the game genre: A good old brawler game like the CyberConnect 2 team is known for or an RPG, a successor of the game boy advance dragon ball RPG series like Buu’s revenge or Goku’s Legacy, but fleshed out in open world and full 3D. What ever the future departs 

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