Arcade Sega: Jojo Bizarre Battle Royale! Arcade Sega: Jojo Bizarre Battle Royale!

New gameplay of Jojo bizzare adventure: Last Survivor!

Last weekend the Sega Ikebukuro GiGO (Tokyo) and Round One Stadium Sennichimae store (Osaka) exposed a demo of the incoming arcade game Jojo bizarre adventure: Last Stand Survivor, also known as the unexpected battle royale jojo video game.

During this time fans and interested had the opportunity to test, play and complain about this unusual title based on the Jojo bizzare adventure universe. In this demo of the game the player can chose to play as 6 characters from the series: Noriaki Kakyoin with 『Hierophant Green』, Jotaro Joestar with 『Star Platinum』(from Stardust crusaders), Guido Mista with 『Six Pistols』, Bruno Bucciarati with『Sticky Fingers』(from Vento Aureo) and Koichi Hirose with『Echoes』(from Diamond is Unbreakable). Armed with their own move set and powers, each character will fight in a battle royal game contested in Morioh town. Here is the video.

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